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Team Overview

Sami Luis Garcia

I founded fast track promotions in June 2014. Building a business had always been a dream of mine from an early age but really didn’t know in what industry wanted to run a business. I knew I wanted to be successful but just didn’t know in which role it would be. After leaving Brockenhurst College, played football for the academy and for AFCB, Bournemouth, did personal assessment and fitness instructing. Then decided to move to Cyprus to live and work out there for a summer before start with university.
Upon my return to England after my travels, I was unsure whether University was the right move for me so decided to look for work in Industry and Commerce as a year out before deciding to carry on my Education. With an open mind was willing to start from the bottom in order to learn some skills and make some great money. It was understood that sales would be a valuable skill for me as every business revolves around sales in some sort of way.

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Fast Track Promotions

The Beginning

In the Autumn of 2014 I started an entry level Sales role just like everyone else but loved the buzz of sales from my very first day. Now having found the career I love with a passion, I started to the develop my Sales, management, coaching skills and experience over the next two and half years that would help me build Fast Track Promotions. Such skills as: sales skills, working hard, goal setting but most importantly leadership. Building Fast Track isn’t just a job it is part of my life. One of Fast Track’s key objectives is to help motivated hard working individuals to have a successful career and achieve things in life they never thought they could. I am incredibly proud of the time and energy that I put in every day in order to create the future that I want while helping others to do the same.

“We’ve worked closley with Sami for many years now and the results that he and his team bring to our business is phenomenal”


“Fast Track Promotions have provided us with customers for over 3 years and our business has grown beyond expectations since working with Sami”


Enjoy & Progress with us

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