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Oliver Meaning

I have recently joined the team at fast track only being 19 i haven’t done much before. i did my A levels and finished that in june 2018 i got given the opportunity in the summer to do a finance internship in london. I was offered the job but didn’t want to take it as i seen i would have no progression and would be stuck doing the same thing for years.

i joined fast track in october 2018 after just a couple of weeks i got advanced into a leadership role where i get the chance to lead a team and train and coach new reps  who join the office.

I’m really enjoying learning new skills everyday and it’s great to see a company who doesn’t look at me for my age but actually for my ability. My goal is to improve my skills enough so i can open one of the future offices. Personally im looking forward to saving enough money to move into my own place over the next few months and get a new car.

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