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Team Overview

Ashley Dyer

Before i Joined Fast Track i had previously been roofing for 5 years. The building industry really slows down in the winter months, i only ended up working 6 weeks in 3 months. due to this i decided i needed change and wanted to try something completely different. i ended up coming across an advert that said no experience needed, but a willingness to learn is vital.

i had never really thought about going into a sales role.


Since joining the business in april 2017 i have learnt so many skills that will help me my entire life. Im currently leading a team in the office of 15 people, this involves recruiting , coaching and developing individuals. Because of my results i have been taken on international trips to Italy, France and all the way to India. getting a chance to network with the best in the world.

My goal moving forward is to help Sami build the business and open my own Marketing company. I want to give other the same opportunity that i have been given. Eventually i see myself in property so i can look after my family.

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